Friday, September 30, 2011

Drawing a Face Video

I finally figured it out! It wasn't hard, I just had to find time to work on it. I hope you all enjoy this simple instruction video on how to draw a basic face. Thanks for watching!

Basic instructions from video:
First--draw a basic shape for the head, I chose an oval because that is very common.
Second--draw some guidelines. One down the middle of the face, and one across the middle of the head.
Third--start with drawing the eyes in the middle of the head on your middle line across.
Fourth--about half way between your eyes and the bottom of your face, the chin, is the nose. Draw a nose in this area.
Fifth--about half way between your nose and your chin is your mouth. Draw a mouth in this area.
Sixth--Ears. Start on one side of your face, level with your eyes for the top of the ear, and the bottom will be level with the bottom of the nose. Draw an ear on both sides of the face in these areas.
Seventh--work on the eyes. Draw a lid, then draw the iris of both eyes, shade in. Make a black dot in the middle of each eye for the pupil. You will want to leave a small white spot in the pupil to give it a realistic look. The white spot is the reflection of light.
Eighth--in the video I forgot to tell you to draw some eyebrows over the eyes, so go ahead and do that next.
Ninth--Draw in the hair any style that you like. Draw a neck area, and if you know about shading then go ahead and do that too, to give your face some perspective.

Easy and simple, anyone can do it with a little practice! Enjoy....

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