Thursday, June 14, 2012

This is a wedding gift I made recently for another friend of mine who just got married in May. She is actually a daughter of my friend, and I  have watched her grow up over the years. The base is a piece of wood and I put a hanger on the back of it to make it easier to hang. I took the wedding invitation and took it apart, then put it together on this plaque. Now it is a keepsake for all to see when it is hanging in their home. I hope they hang it up!

I made all of the flowers out of cardstock. It was a lot of fun seeing them come together and I think they are really cool. I tried to make everything look a little bit vintage by adding some off white paint to the edges of the flowers, the frames, and the background. If you are curious on how I made the flowers let me know and I can let you know, or you can do a search online at There are a lot of videos already made and a lot of them are about flowers.

Thanks for looking!