Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Patched Dress

So, I ripped one of my favorite dresses! I was sitting on a cheap lawn chair and it broke! How embarrassing! The experience left this huge rip on the back of my denim dress. (I put a piece of white cardstock underneath so you could see the rip)
If you know a bit about sewing you can tell that this is not a very easy tear to mend. The threads are literally stripped apart! So, I came up with an idea...see below:
What do you think? I have always wanted to embellish my clothes and now I have. This tear gave me the opportunity and I took it! I'm always afraid of calling attention to myself because I am so self-conscious, but since I've been getting older....I don't seem to care as much. That's one plus to getting older!  At least, for me!
so I took some fabric that I had on hand, uhhum*....and I cut out some flowers with my Big Shot tool and dies. I layered them on my dress and appliqued them with my sewing machine. Oh, and first I stitched up the tear and put the flowers over it. Easy peasy! I even got a compliment at church the next time I wore the dress. No one even noticed this dress before...So a little creativity goes a long way!

*just a note to those who don't know me very well- I belong to the "let's see who can collect the most fabric before you die" club. I have a lot of fabric on hand, oh yeah, baby! (I'm gonna win......!!! hee, hee:)

Thanks for looking and I appreciate any comments you may have!