Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Dragonfly for Inspiration Avenue

I made this beaded dragonfly using a pattern from a Klutz book on beading. I think I will try again sometime using different colors for the wings since I have never seen a dragon fly with red and yellow wings. Though, it is very hard to tell sometimes what colors are on dragonfly wings since they zoom past you very fast most of the time. I love the ones with the blueish, greenish, iridescent colors. When I was a child dragonflies used to scare me because they were such huge flying bugs. Since I've gotten bigger though, I tend to scare them instead. (because I am much bigger, not that I try to scare them...)

This is posted to share on the Inspiration Avenue challenge blog. The challenge is to post a favorite dragonfly image. I think I will make it a new goal of mine to try to take some photos of dragonflies, because they really are very beautiful bugs!

Some favorite images of dragonflies I found on the web:


I love these colors!

Big Orange Flower Art Journal Page

I have been "collecting" Letraset Promarkers because of all the "colored" images I have been seeing on blogs and card challenges. On several beautiful images I saw the artist use these markers. They are really nice, color well and are less expensive than Copics. The markers bled on this paper which is what I wanted to happen on the petals of the flower. To stop the bleeding when I wanted, I used a heat gun to dry the ink before it bled too much. This picture is a result of my doodling. I really love how the blue dots on the petals really "pop." That is a result of contrasting colors. The yellow in the leaves are "popping" too. I love the look! What do you think?

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fabric bag

Oh, isn't this fabric pretty? I love it. As you can see I've made a fabric bag. I love bags! This one is reversible but I don't know if I will ever reverse it because of the doily I sewed onto the one side. I have made it one of my missions to collect doilies and use them in my projects. It was a hard thing to do because I tend to horde my "embellishments"....uh hem, I just like to look at them and think about what I can do with them and .....I digress.

I found the pattern in an old magazine and went to town. It was a very easy project, who has time for lengthy ones these days? I know I don't have a lot of time.....I have a list of projects to get done and another list of ones to start....
Oh well, as you can see I used two different patterns of fabrics with the same color schemes. The picture really does the colors justice. They are the yellows and greens you see here. There is a little blue in there and you can see the black. This pattern was two pieces, just two! Another easy peasy project!
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