Monday, September 12, 2011

My Heart

I need to say a little bit about this page. I have been going through a rough time for the last four months. There has been a lot of change in our family and it has been hard. Why is change always so hard, even when it is good for you? I was feeling a little down so I have gotten used to journaling my feelings....

I colored this page then added my thoughts and feelings about my heart. This is what it says:
My heart...
A person's heart is a precious thing...
It is a secret place, sometimes strong, sometimes weak,
but always precious.
No one but the owner knows what is deep inside-
even when it is given away.
A heart knows sorrow and pain,
it also knows joy.
This is my heart, no one knows it but me...
I know joy and I know sorrow, and I know love.
Love comes in many different forms, it is child like-
happy, carefree, unconditional; It is tough
and sometimes rejected, but also deep and everlasting, mature, grown-up.
My heart has many scars, and sore spots, but someday
they will be gone and my heart will be whole,
it will be stronger, it will truly understand what real love is.
God's love is charity.
Love is an action and a feeling.
I am truly blessed to know God and to know His love.
I am truly blessed!

September 2011

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Beth said...

Heavenly Father knows your heart better than you do: )