Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Second in the Series

Another ATC and this one is called HOPE.
I made this one similar to the first one with the Pokemon card being the base and then painting and adding texture paint.
 I also sprayed this with glitter paint and added the embellishments. I also made the flower by stamping, water coloring, then adding some teeny, tiny, metal balls in the center and on the edges as you can see.
These projects are so fun but they still take me a lot of time to make them.
 I guess that is because I have to think so much about every piece I make. I want them to "look right."

You know, in order for art to look right it has to balance. This can be different for each artist and it can be different depending on the effect the artist wants. Many people like symmetrical pictures where the left side and the right side have the same weights of objects or are evenly proportioned. There is also asymmetrical where the objects in the picture are unevenly proportioned. An artist can also have an unbalanced picture.  Whatever feeling the artist chooses it is always good to decide before the picture is drawn which objects are going to go where.
This is called Composition and Viewpoint.

The large flower in my ATC is balanced by the buttons, letter blocks, and butterfly. The flower takes up the upper half of the card and the other embellishments take up the lower half. This is a symmetrical balance.

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