Friday, June 24, 2011

Life's Lessons Project

Okay, I have been thinking about what I want to post first as a project.
I am always trying to work on making my life better and what I want it to be.
 I was actually inspired by another's blog and would
 like to do something similiar.
 I am going to pick a task and add it to my daily list of things to do, but it isn't a tangible task.
This is the act of making myself a better, happier, kinder type of person.

There is also selfless, grateful, thoughtful, and more, but you get the idea. The tasks will coincide with what I am learning at the time in my life, you know, life's lessons. So, that is what I will call this project: Life's Lessons.

The first lesson is to... Be Aware

What I am going to do is to scrapbook a page with what this means to me.
And then post it here on my blog for a visual.

Being Aware of the seasons, nature, people, and how I act towards others.

Also, being especially aware of
how I think, because our
 thoughts, shape our actions.

If you would like to join me in this adventure,
because not only is it a project, but an
adventure too,
Then you could also take this action,
and make it your own.
If you also make a scrapbook page
please leave a comment and link to your page
in the comment section.

I want to do at least one each month,
 this one will be
July 2011.

Thanks for stopping by
and please leave a comment before you go.

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Pam Benson said...

This sounds like an interesting experiment. How is it going so far, what have you learned about yourself? about the world?